10 Minute Cute Hairstyles for School for Frizzy Hair


Don’t get yourself wrong. Frizzy hair is natural sexy look which is not difficult to style. There are many inspiratons for the frizzy  hair styles which take not more than ten minutes to make. They will be the cute hairstyles for school which you can have for daily school life. The curls will captivate the basic styles like a ponytail or braids. So, take a look these following inspirations

10 Minute Cute Hairstyles for School for Frizzy Hair

  1. Faux Bob and Faux Bangs

This is a proper style for you who wants to have a short hair for one day. Besides, you can also have a retro updo look by creating faux bangs and victory rolls.

  1. Low Side Bun

Take your frizzy hair to one side and pin it. Then, with bobby pin stick the front hair and pull back. Use many pins to lift up all the hair in one side.

  1. Classic Quiff

This simple hairstyle is just need you to comb back your curls for making some volume and put some bobby pin to secure it down. It brings elegant look for you.

  1. Glam Waves of Old Hollywood

To create glam waves you need to make a low pony at the nape of your neck and tie it with an elastic. Then, tuck the ends to make a small bun. Finally, pin the ends of the bun and mist the whole head with shiny spray to give the glam look to the waves. Use this hairstyle for formal occassion at school.

  1. Bohemian Style

You don’t want to play with some pins and really rush to school? Don’t worry, just spritzing your favorite products on your curly hair and apply a colorful, Bohemian headband to enrich your look. You might also want to have three or four layers on the headband. To secure the headband in place, use some bobby pins behind your ears.

  1. A Braiding Frenzy

Time to play with braiding! Frizzy hair actually look neater with some braids. Make some double braids and join them in a single fishtail braid on one side and secure it with an elastic at the end. This cute hairstyle for school is fantastic for gym class or another outdoor activities.

  1. Kicking Ponytail

The basic ponytail should lift up your frizzy hair charm. Just brush your hair gently until it turns flatter. Wrap and pull your hair back into a ponytail and let the curls fall free behind. For the sexier look, leave a few in front then you are ready to school. See more related post such as cute hairstyles for school.

  1. The Fancy Pony

Ponytails never die. If you are lazy to make complicated hairstyle, the ponytail is the answer. You can have a twisted pony like Rapunzel has. Or, you might have some tiny braids after you wrap your long hair into a ponytail.


See? Frizzy hair is easy to style, too. Let the curls shines your inner beauty by creating the above cute hairtyles to school. Give it try!





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