5 Hairstyles for Short Hair for School You Must Try

Need some ideas for hairstyles for short hair for school? Unlike long hair, short hair limits your hairstyle choices.

However, this doesn’t mean there is no good hairstyle for short hair. In fact, there are many of them. Below, we have great hairstyles for short hair you can prepare quickly.

Middle Braid

Our first example of short hairstyles for school is the middle braid. This hairstyle looks cute and trendy. To style your hair in the middle braid, first, you need to comb your hair back. After your hair is combed back, divide it into several sections. Take small sections of at the middle part and braid them. Be sure to keep the hair main volume open. To accessorize, you can use a band or a ribbon that match your clothes.

Side Crown Braid

Do you want to look stylish but don’t want a time-consuming hairstyle? If you do, you should try the side crown braid. This is also a good hairstyle if you want to keep your hair from your face. To style, first, you need to comb your hair. Next, divide it into two sections from the sides.  Take one side and make it into a loose braid. Clip this braid at the back of your head. After that, do the same thing for the other section. Finally, tie the braids’ ends together. Voila! You get the side crown braid.

Top Back Braid

Another trendy hairstyle you can try is the top back braid. To get the top back braid, start by combing your hair. There will be two parts, front, and back. You can style your front part however you want. As for the back part, divide it into several sections. Then, braid these sections from top to bottom. Use a ribbon or a band to secure.

Quick Top Knot

The next example of easy hairstyles for short hair for school is the quick top knot. Bored with braids? If you are, you may want to try quick top knot. It looks trendy and put-together, making it perfect for school.

To get this hairstyle, start by combing your hair to the back. Take some hair from the front and sides of your head. Then, create a bun by pulling them to the back, tie and roll it at the back of your head. Finally, secure the bun with bobby pins to hold them in place.

Stylish Hairdo

Finally, the stylish hairdo. This hairstyle is just great for school since it looks smart and put-together. This hairstyle fits well with just about any outfit, including school dress. To style, you need comb your hair first. Take some hairfrom the side of your head. Divide them into several sections. After that, pull them back and braid these sections together with a section of hair in the middle.

Those are hairstyles for short hair for school you must try. They are easy, quick and make you look great. Better yet, they only take a few minutes to prepare. So yes, there is no more bad hair day for you. What do you think? Which one do you want to try first?

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