8 First Day of School Hairstyles for Teens


The first day of school is a crucial moment for teens.

It is the day that will impact the rest of the time at school. Of course it deals with the first impression they give to get the acceptance from their surroundings. Therefore, most of them pay a lot of  attention to the clothing and the hairstyles. This article gives some types of first day of school hairstyles for teeens which might inspire you.

8 First Day of School Hairstyles for Teens

  1. Classic Crown Braid

A crown means a queen. Be a queen on the first day of school will raise your confident a lot. Walk confidently with the crown braided hairstyle. Style it with some cute clips to give more elegant look.

  1. Top Knot Braid Out

This hairstyle fits to you who have curly hair that is not easy to shape whether you want to style it up or down. You can have this beautiful braid out hairdo with a top knot. This is surely cute hairstyles for the first day of school.

  1. French Braid

To be oldish on the first day of school is also a classical option. Do a French braid from the center of the front hairline and work it to the way back. You can stop midway through and hold it wit a small plastic band.

  1. Pull-Through Braid

This hairstyle is especially for your daughter who has a very thick hair. This style is also well-known as Rapunzel style. Make a big and single braid on one side of your head. Then, you may add some ribbons, flowers or little clips for showing your personality.

  1. Curly and Clipped

Get bored of your straight hair? Curl them all. Use the curling iron and simply part your hair to the side and pull back a small section of the front hair and hold it with a cute clip. This is easy hairstyle for school but give you different and stunning look instantly!

  1. Eight-Strand Braid

Wanna something more unique? Choose the challenging eight-strand braid. Just do the hair like you make the woven cords you used to make as a kid. Beautify it with some bead and ribbons as accessories. You will be the princess of the day!


  1. Pulled Back With Headband

This is the easiest hairstyle for your firs day of school. The headband might vary depends on your mood that day. Just pull your hair back and secure it with the a hair band. Fluff some of it for making some volume.

  1. Double Braid

For you who have long hair, this cute but endless hairstyle might be the option. Make two small braids and pull toward the back and secure it with some tie in the centre. Then, wrap a thin piece of hair around the tie to make it invisible for the natural look.

See? How beautiful and easy they are! Those tips hopefully inspire you for the first day of school hairstyles. Show off in a good way never be wrong.


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