8 High School Simple and Unique Hairstyles

Top Knot Hairstyle

Teens known well as a group who have special and unique style including clothing and hairstyle. They mostly find some uniqueness due to their willing to find self identity. Especially for high-schoolers, they really concern about their hairstyle for the sake of attraction to the boys. It is the hormone does!

The hairstyle for high school girls should not need high maintenance due to the hgh school activities. Simple cut, simple accessories and minimum styling products are normally fit the girls. Here you will find some high school hairstyle and the steps how to make them briefly for your daily inspiration.

8 High School Hairstyles and The Steps

  1. Messy Curly Bun
    Cool Messy Curly Bun Hairstyles

This hairstyle will give a touch of elegant but simple look for the girls, especially for the moment of back to school. Just curl some parts of your hair and shape the bun with some pins. Voila!

  1. Old School
    Old School hairstyles

Old makes gold. Try your Granny style to school and give some fresh inspiration! The most popular and the oldest hairstyle to school is this twin braids style! Just modify it with a cap to look more sporty or some ribbons to look more girly.

  1. Curly Bangs and Loose Side Braid

This style is good for the girls who have medium hair. Make a side bride and curl at the bangs to give different touch.

Curly Bangs and Loose Side Braid Hairstyles

  1. Triple-Braid Style

Tiny many braids are so cute ever! But it is not Bohemian style, it is just three small cornrows on the side of your head and loose the hair at the other side. This style is the most popular high school hairstyles of the year!

Simple Triple Braid Style

  1. Braided Ponytails

Sounds so high school? Yes. Braids and ponytails are the great combination for high schooler. It is simple and no need much effort to do.

Cute Braided Ponytails

Even better, you can do this style a night before to save your time before going to school. Make a chunky braid on one side of your head and make ponytails. Simple and unique!

  1. Curly Ponytails

Another modification for the ponytails is by adding the texture like curling it. You may choose the bouncy curls and put tiny braid around the ponytail holder. This style is good for the ones who have thin hair.

Simple Curly Ponytails

  1. Top Knot

Besides the braids and ponytails, the basic look of the high-schoolers is a top knot. This style is also popular among the girls due to the simplicity. Just pull together all your hair or just part of it and knot it on top.

Top Knot Hairstyle

  1. Fishtail Braids

This style looks beautiful for long hair. It needs some time for you to practice but once you master it, you will be proud of yourself and be confident to face the boys that day. Add some tiny pins in the middle of it to give an elegant touch.

Cool and Simple Fishtail Braids

Those are some unique and simple high school hairstyles. They all look cute if you use them in proper situations. One thing for sure, any hairstyle should represent your personality. Just be yourself!






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