8 Cool Hairstyles for Men in 2018

cool hairstyles for men with short hair

It has been general truth that men also like to look after their appearance for showing their personal taste.

Therefore, the fashion world provides its best for giving inspirations for men including the hairstyles. Men hairstyles usually play on the shape of the haircuts, colors and textures. One thing for sure, the trends now look more natural since it is combined with natural movement and flow.

The styles have a matte finish and minimal hold. Even for voluming up the hair, a hairstylist only uses a blow dryer for any haircuts like hipster mens haircut, medium length haircuts, curly hair mens haircuts and mens soccer haircuts.

Here you will find the best 8 cool hairstyles for men in 2018 which you might take for every day look.

8 Cool Hairstyles for Men in 2018

Crew Cut

cool new mens hairstyles

This is one of classical cool hairstyles for men with short hair. It is the easy one to do and much suitable for most men.

A barber will create a fade on the sides with shorter hair on the back and the top part should be in scissors cut. It is prettier to leave length on top to give the space for styling.


cool hairstyles male

It is cool male hairstyle which is traditionally made for any guy. Just grow your hair on top and stop it on a medium length.

To style it just slick it back using a styling product such as a wax or pomade. Then, to give the more modern look, make a tapered fade on each sides. This is a really cool hairstyle for boys and guys.

Buzz Cut

cool fun hairstyles

A buzz cut is usually taken for the men who have short hair and like to have minimum maintenance. Just tell the barber that you want to cut your hair evenly.

You might also choose a very short buzz cut which is popular among black men. This also becomes cool hairstyles for men in 2018.

Side Part

cool and decent hairstyles

This hairstyle is suitable for any occassion. You might also call it as a comb over taper. It is easy to done since you just need to split your hair with your favorite comb. After that, pull your hair to the one sideof your willing.

Spiky Hairstyle

how to do cool hairstyles for boys

Spiky is coming back! To have this messy hairstyle you need a bit of wax and make the spikes using your fingers.

Curly Hairstyle

most cool hairstyles

This can be a cool hairstyle for men especially for the ones who have natural curly hair. One note for this style, just keep it short for the easy maintenance.

Slick Back Hairstyle

cool hairstyles for guys

This is the best hairstyle for formal occassion. Grab some pomade and use a comb to pull back your hair all the way. Keep it tidy.

Hairstyles with Bangs

cool hairstyles for boys

Bangs for men could be a unique and cool male hairstyle because it will give you a softer look and stylish fringe. You will also look cuter, just pick either regular bangs or spiky bangs.

So, those are the evolution of cool hairstyles for men in 2018. One thing to remember, you need to be confident to choose your haircut and style before going to a barber. Just ask if you are not sure or don’t understand about the style to give the best look.

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