Top 8 Cool Back to School Hairstyles for Kids


Kids usually are really excited to face back to school big day. However, the parents are way more excited than the kids.

Any detail preparations will be done a night before, even some days before. For the parents who have daughters, your preparation might include their hairstyles.

Make your pretty girls look cool but simple in their first weeks back to school, so that they will be more confident to face their friends, the new subjects and the new teachers.

Here you are you can have some inspirations for cool back to school hairstyles for the kids.

8 Cool Back to School Hairstyles for Kids

A Lone Braid

This hairstyle is good for a girl who has medium hair. It is an easy hairstyle for medium hair for school. Make a lone braid in the middle or on the side of the head and put some hair accessory like a flower pin or headband to make your daughter more girly.

Twisted Fishtail Braid

hairstyles for school kids

A fishtail braid might be complicated in making, but it is too cute not to be tried. Make a twisted fishtail braid at the back or make it for holding the girl bangs up. It will give glamorous look for the girls.

Colored Elastics Hairstyle

easy hairstyles for school kids

A young girl will look more cheerful with colorful elastics. You can modify it with the versatile updo to make cool back to school hairstyles. The patterns are up to you, they depend on the school occasions.

Bow Out Hairstyle

easy hairstyles for school for kids

For mor formal occasion, you can make some bow out hairdo for medium hair to school. You can make a cool bow out of your girl’s hair rather than using a real hair bow. Add some flower accessory and mist with some light hairspray to smoothen it.

Two Buns

back to school hairstyles for kids

Bun variation always becomes the most popular hairstyle for the kids. You can make it twin by lifting the buns on the two sides of the head. First thing to do is to split the hair in two parts with the same portion so that the two buns will look the same.

Simple Tiny Braid

This cool back to school hairstyle is pretty easy and fast for the kids. Just do a tiny braid or some to give some different touch to the normal hair. Add some cute pins to have prettier look. Or you can use this hairstyle just to keep her hair out of her face for the whole day.

Clipped Back Bob

easy hairstyles for kids for school

If your girl a short hair and bob style, the simplest hairstyle is to add some adorable clip hair behind the ears. The chin-to-shoulder length hair will be more texturized with the clip hair.

High Wrapped Pony

back to school kids hairstyles

Another cool and simple hairstyle is a high wrapped ponytail which is pulled up highly on the head. Swipe the bangs in the opposite direction for the balance look.

Finally, those are the inspirations for the kids hairstyle for back to school occassion which are simple and cool for kids. Try them on and let your girls conquer the day!

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