6 Cool Hairstyles and Color Trend in 2018

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Welcoming a new year trend is not just for clothing, but it is also for  hairstyles trend.

Some of the hair trends have something to do with the style and some of them just changing the color hair.

Here are some tips of cool hairstyles and color trend in 2018 which might inspire you for daily life or for special occassion.

Dirty Blonde

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Dirty blonde is the simple cool new hairstyle for the woman who has long hair. The trend colour today’s which which keep the roots dark, and the dye the lengths a warm golden blonde to get the trend on.

Last time, your hair looks lighter than white due to its unattainability. The golden shades of the dirty blonde will give the warmer tones according to Alex Brownsell, a creative director and rainbow hair pioneer.

Undone Wet Look Hair

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The latest cool hairstyle for 2018 is the wet looks. One of them is an Undone Wet Look hairstyle which gives the poker straight and stuck to your head.

If you set your hair wet, no need to style it. Just set it free and give an injection of texture. Let it loose and tousled. The best look is wet curls according to Larry King, a hairstylist of Arizona Muse whose hair is wavy and soft.

Big and Bouncy

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Another hairstyle trend in 2018 is a big and bouncy hairstyle. It is called as returned fashion among celebs and fashion weeks. It shapes your hair into big, bouncy and blowdried hair which brings glossy and glamorous touch to your hair.

As seen in 80s, the hair is textures with volume and curls which are broken with a soft flick count. Remember Cindy Crawford? This is so her style in 80s.


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Alright, after discussing about the 80s returning hairstyle before, now let’s return back to 90s. It is Scrunchies, the cool hairstyle which uses the throw back haor tie to secure the loose ponytail to bring understated look rather than retro.

For giving a modern touch, avoid to have a massive scrunchie and a really smooth and sleek low ponytail. That’s Adam Reed’s suggestion as an expert of hairstyling.

Silver Hair

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A cool color welcomed in this year is silver. After we play around with dirty pastels and grey hair last year, silver becomes a little luxe with super shiny, metallic finish with matte grey to bring more magical look. Feel like an elf?? Sure. SIlver is indeed the incarnation of the flatter looking grey. If you want to have fabulous shimmer you can have a tempting gloss or have a full throttle (Jack Howard, a Colourist).


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The last year curls trend remains stick around this year. Curls and natural look become the cool hairstyles 2018. This year it is upping the ante and the curls become better and bigger.

Now it is the time for you to play with the coils and kinks. 2018 is the year for curly girls. It is also simple for styling, just use your fingers or a three to style in one pick. Brushing a lot will ‘kill’ your curl pattern. Just let it be.

That’s all the cool and new hairstyles of 2018 which you can try. Some of them are returning from the 80s and 90s, some of them just the exploration of the natural look and hair color. Pick the style, show your taste!

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