6 Cute, Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Working Women

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In spite of the full time working, the working women also need excellent hairstyle to support their appearance.

Normally they just pick the cute, quick and easy hairstyles for daily office life, to save the time and also to have practical look.

Here you will find some inspirations for cute, quick hairstyles for long and short hair which include the hairstyles and how to style it.

6 Cute Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Working Women and How to Style it

Shoulder Length Bob Jagged Bangs

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Bob never dies. It gives an edgy and chic look for you in spite of the face shape you have. This style is a side parted shoulder length bob styled with jagged bangs and tinted edge.

How to style it?

Split your hair to one side and brush it softly. Curl slightly at the end of your hair. Then, curl your bangs outwards to shape your face. Finally, you may add tinted edges for maximum chic look.

Fine Layered Hairdo

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This is a cute quick hairstyle for long hair. It is the variaton of coloring and haircut. You have sleek ombre here with fine layered bangs to give classy and sassy look.

How to style it?

Apply some hair serum on your hair. Then, straighten it with a flat iron and finish your styling wit a light hairspray.

Feathered Fringe Bob

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The fringe bob is one of the cute, quick hairstyles for short hair. However, you can have the external end vibrant here with a fine feathered hairdo.

How to style it?

First, brush your fringes to the front. Then, brush your hair down and use some serum for preparing the curling process. Heat your curling iron and curl outwards your feather bob. At last, spritz on some light hairspray.

Long Tousled Ombre Layers


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If you ahve a long wavy hair, this is one of the styles you can have. This will give you elegant look, but in contrast,  the blond shades gives the casual hairdo.

How to style it?

Color your tresses in brown or the shades and apply some serum for the next styling. Create slight curls to the lengths of the hair and finally brush your hair slightly to make it fall gracefully for your wavy layers.

Black Ruffled Hair Pixie

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Pixie becomes one of the cute, quick and easy hairstyles for working women. It looks casual but gives a chic style statement.

How to style it?

Use some volumizing mousse to, of course, add volume to your entire hair. Make a side partition and gently brush your hair. Use your finger to comb your hair to give a tousled touch.

High Smart Bun

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Do you need a sexy and smart hairstyle? This style does fit for you. You may add some junk earrings to style it up a notch.

How to style it?

First of all, straighten your hair and grab it all on crown of your head. Twist the hair and coil it to make a bun. Then, wrap it around the bun after wrapping the half of the length. Stick it with bobby pins and apply strong hairspray to secure the bun.

There you are the cute, quick and easy hairstyles for working women which you can apply for every day styling. They just play around with the color, haircut, haido and serum. Very practical and simple. Give it try and ready to conquer the work!


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