How to Do Cool Hairstyles in Your Morning Rush

cool and easy hairstyles

Morning is like hell when you have a lot of things to do for preparing the day. Especially for women who have school kids, working husband and she herself has to go work.

The morning atmosphere will like a crowd in subway station. Of course you will choose the simplest things to do for overcoming the rush including your hairstyles.

No worries, you still can have a cool hairstyle in spite of the rush morning. Here you will find the steps how to do cool hairstyles in your busy morning.

How to Do Cool Hairstyles in Your Morning Rush

Summer Scarf

cool cute hairstyles

As we know that scarves are the beautiful and the simple hair accessory which not only helps you to save your time in having hairdo but also to disguise your messy hair. This style is good for short hair.

All you need is your favorite scarf and plenty of bobby pins. Put your scarf on top of your head and split off your hair, after that, pull them together and make a french braid by wrapping them around the scarf.

The Knotted Low Pony

how to do cool hairstyles for guys

Normally the pony is picked as a simple hairstyle for daily routine. Here you can have the variation of low pony by adding some knot shaped by your hair.

It becomes a cool and easy hairstyle in your morning. First, create a simple knot like you have learned in your scout days, then, pull your hair to one side. Apply a bit of backcombing action after loosening up the bun.

The Tease and Tie

cool and cute hairstyles

This cool easy hairstyle is good for your getting up morning hair. Just bulk up a bit of volume by teasing your hair on the crown and put into a deep sidepart. Then, make a small chunk close to the base of your hairline and finally make a simple twist braid. Secure it with an elastic and bobby pins.

The Over Shoulder Pony

some cool hairstyles

The twist on the classic hairstyle like a low pony becomes a cool simple hairstyle for your daily life since it does not need a lot of time.

First, wash your hair and dry it naturally to volume it up and create a large chunk to the said at the base of the neck. Second, wrap the pieces of hair and pin likewise at the base of your hairline. Third, secure the ponytail from what’s left at the ends.

The illuisonal Crazy Long Ponytail

some cool hairstyles for guys

This super cool hairstyle can be a choice for you who have short hair with the help of hair-extensions. It needs a little extra preparation to curl some waves in your hair. This is to hide a second ponytail with the bottom half of your hair under one secured high up close to your head. Make sure pulling hair low enough to your hairline for the top ponytail. It is just to keep your trick safe!

So, those are the steps how to do cool hairstyles which are helpful to save your morning rush. You will need them, especially on Monday.

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