Must Try Nice Hairstyles for School


Hairstyles for school need to be easy, simple and take a short time to style. Are you looking for an insight into nice hairstyles for school? Well, you came to the right place. Here, we will give you five hairstyles you can try for school. There is no need of worry about taking too much time here. All of these hairstyles are easy and can be done quickly. Check these out.

High Ponytail

Our first example of must-try nice hairstyles for school is a high ponytail. A classic and casual hairstyle, the high ponytail is very easy to do. High ponytail gives you a put-together. It also keeps your hair from your face so you can concentrate during your class.

To style your hair for the high ponytail, you need to pull your hair as high as you can. Then, secure it using one or two hair elastic bands. After that, just let your ponytail slip to the left or right side of your head.

Loose Side Braid

Next, the loose side braid. The loose side braid is no doubt is among pretty hairstyles for school. Braid always looks good, even for school. While it involves loose braid, it still gives you a neat look. And don’t worry, the braid will not take much time to do.

To style your hair for loose side braid, just take a section of hair from behind your head. Then, divide it into two sections and start braiding. When there is no hair left to braid, secure it using hair elastic bands. Put the braid under your head and voila! It is done. The best thing about it is that you can redo the braid whenever you want. Yes, no mirror is needed.

Braided Twist

Want more beautiful hairstyles for school with braid? Alright. Try braided twist. The braided twist not only makes you look put-together but also beautiful. While it may be more complex than the previous two, it’s worth the look.

Here’s how to style it. First, you need to pull two sections of your hair just above your forehead. Then, from these two sections create one braid until they are behind your head. Finally, twist the remaining hair and create a bun.

Double Bun

Can’t be bothered with braid? Try double bun, then. The double bun is a good hairstyle choice if you want to keep your hair off your face while looking cute. It is a very simple hairstyle and will take just a few seconds to style.

To get the double bun, pull your hair upward and create a large bun on top of your head. From here, make a knot that looks like two. Finish the look by twisting it in the middle and secure with hair elastic bands.

These are nice hairstyles for school you must try. Which one of these hairstyles you interested in trying first? We know that preparing for school in the morning is a struggle. The hairstyles above will surely make your morning preparation easier. After all, they are easy to style, make you look great and take only a few minutes to style.


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