Need Some Cute Hairstyles for Curly Hair for School? Check These Hairstyles


While curly hair may not have as many options as straight hair does, it doesn’t mean there are no good cute hairstyles for curly hair for school. In fact, there are many and we are going to give you examples of it. Don’t worry. The following hairstyles are easy, simple and can be styled quickly, which makes them great hairstyles for school.


Our first example of curly hairstyles for school is the pigtails. A classic hairstyle, pigtails gives you a neat and cute look. Moreover, pigtails is easy to do and will not take much time to style. Yes, you can style it in just a minute or two.

To style your hair in pigtails, first, you need to part your hair into three sections: one section in the back and two sections in the front. Twist each of this section. For the front sections, you need to cross them. As for the back section, wind it back and turn it into a bun. Use pins to secure them. Voila! You got pigtails

Twist and Pin

Twist and pin is a good hairstyle choice for wavy and curly hair. Twist and pin give you a fancy and neat look.

To get this fancy hairstyle, start by twisting a section of hair around itself and make a tight coil. After you tighten the coil, twist it to create a small bun. Continue to wrap this bun in an upward direction and towards your head. Pin it in place. Continue to create small buns and coils. Pin them up until there is no more hair to pi up.


Keeping your hair off your face will help you concentrate in class. If you want cute hairstyles for curly hair for school that keeps your hair off your face, you should try updo. This hairstyle is very simple, makes you look put-together and only took three steps to style.

To style updo, first, you need to divide your hair into 4 sections. Choose one section. Hold this section out from your head. Then, fold this section over and tuck ends into your hair. Do these steps for the remaining sections, only in an opposite direction from the last. This way, your hair will have more volume.

Piled-up Pony

Last but certainly not least, the piled-up pony. This is one of the easiest hairstyles for curly hair for school. While it may be one the easiest hairstyles, it doesn’t mean it looks bad. On the contrary, it looks great. It gives put-together and neat look. Sometimes, simplicity is the best.

Here is what you need to do to style for piled-up pony. Start by pulling your hair together and make a high ponytail while leaving out the bangs. Secure your ponytail using a hair elastic band. If there is any stray curl, just pin them with bobby pins toward the ponytail. After that, frame your face by tousling your bangs. Finally, tousle your pony the way you want.

These are cute hairstyles for curly hair for school you should try. Which one you think will fit best for you? Is it piled-up pony? Or is it updo? Whatever the hairstyle is, we hope this can help you prepare for your day.


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