School Hairstyles for Medium Hair You Should Try

cute simple hairstyles for medium hair for school

School hairstyles don’t necessarily mean it is should only be used for school.

You can use it for just about any occasions. From daily style to a date. The idea of school hairstyle is to have a hairstyle that is easy and quick to do while still looking great.

And below, we have some school hairstyles for medium hair you should try.

Side Ponytail

medium hairstyles for school

The first hairstyle is one of the easy and quick school hairstyles for medium length hair. This hairstyle is a great choice for those busy girls who like to stay on the ago any time.

To style your hair this way, you just need to tie your hair in the usual way and put the ponytail sideways instead of above.

Side Braided

first day of school hairstyles for medium hair

A simple but unique looking hairstyle, side braided will make you look adorable. See more related article on cute simple hairstyles for school.

To style your hair on this side braided hairstyle, you just need to pull and braid one part of your hair while letting the other loose.

The Prom Look

cute hairstyles for medium length hair for school

The Prom Look is one of the best school hairstyles for shoulder length hair. Girls with shoulder-length hair can have this style and maintain it easily.

To style your way to the Prom Look, you need to style your hair as in half up, half down hairstyle. Then, divide the hair in front your face symmetrically and allow them to fall and cover your ears.

Shaggy Bun

easy school hairstyles for medium length hair

Another example of school hairstyles for medium hair you should try is the shaggy bun.

The shaggy bun is the perhaps the trendiest hairstyle among school goers. It is a very attractive hairstyle, after all. It is easy to get this hairstyle.

You just need to pull your hair together and tie it to form a bun. When you tie, don’t do it too tight. The bun in the shaggy bun looks as if it will collapse but the truth is it is secured properly so it stays intact.

Layered, Side Swept with Bangs

quick and easy hairstyles for school for medium hair

This hairstyle is a very simple one but is also very attractive.

Especially, on girls with red hair. In this hairstyle, the hair is layered while the fringe is swept to the side to incompletely cover the forehead. It is a very simple hairstyle alright.

Braided Cute School

cute easy hairstyles for school medium hair

Another shoulder-length hairstyle, this hairstyle is suitable for young women. 

To get this hairstyle, you will need several hairpins to secure your hair. You will need to braid the front part for your hair and put it on the side while leaving the rest to flow freely.

The best part about this hairstyle is that you can wear this hairstyle for just about any occasions.


What do you think of these school hairstyles for medium hair?

There are many hairstyles for medium hair, but not all can look good and done quickly. These hairstyles, however, just take a few minutes to prepare.

And yet, they all look great whether for school or a date. You can wear it daily too if you want. So, which one of these hairstyles do you want to try first?

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