Simple, Sweet and Quick Braided Hairstyles for School

Simple and Quick Braided Hairstyles for School

Styling your daughter’s hair takes time. Fortunately, there are hairstyles that can be done quickly but still look sweet. Want to know what these hairstyles are? Well, check these braided hairstyles for school.

The Under Braids

Our first easy braided hairstyles for school is the under braids. The under braids is very easy to do. You can just teach it to your daughter and she will be able to do it herself. The under braids is chic, sweet and will make your daughter look very cute.

  • How to Do It
  1. To start the styling, you need to part your daughter’s hair on one side.
  2. After that, take a chunk of hair from her parting side and braid it down to its end and use a hair elastic band to secure it.
  3. Take another chunk besides the first chunk that you just braided, and braid it.
  4. Tug these two braids apart so they look wider.
  5. Pull the two back towards the back of your daughter’s head and pin them.

Elsa’s Braid

This is another example of cute braided hairstyles for school. If your daughter loves Frozen, we can be certain that your daughter will love this hairstyle. And she will be very happy if you style her hair this way.

  • How to Do It
  1. To start, you need to part your daughter’s hair horizontally and divide it into two parts. Be sure to leave the hair on the front section.
  2. Use a sectioning clip to clip the bottom part of her hair to keep it away for now.
  3. Using the teasing brush, brush down the top part of her hair to create volume.
  4. Smooth down the top part that you just teased. Then, tie, make a ponytail from it and secure with athe elastic band.
  5. Next, braid the ponytail.
  6. When you braid 3 stitches, stop. From here, do a French braiding.
  7. When there is no more hair to braid, braid until the end and use a hair elastic band to secure it.
  8. Remove the hair elastic band at the top braid.
  9. Tug your daughter’s hair apart and then loosen the braid.

Faux Waterfall

Finally, faux waterfall. It is a simple yet beautiful hairstyle. If your daughter is will go back to school soon, you may want to try this back to school hairstyles braids.

  • How to Do It
  1. Part her hair on one side.
  2. Pick up a 3-inch part of hair from one side with more hair. Braid it and secure with an elastic band.
  3. Next, enter your index finger and thumb into the braid’s first stitch center. Pick up a small portion of hair from the frontal part.
  4. Pull this part of the hair and put it through her braid’s stitch.
  5. Repeat the previous two steps until it looks like a waterfall.
  6. Finally, pin the braid under her hair and at the back of your daughter’s head.

These are examples of sweet and quick braided hairstyles for school. They are easy to do, look great and will not take long to do, which makes them perfect not only for school but also other occasions.


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