The Best 5 Easy and Cute Back to School Hairstyles


A moment of going back to school after holiday is a challenging time for mothers. It is not easy morning to take your kids back to school. Some of them might be excited, but some of them might be reluctant. Therefore, to overcome this situation, mums should take practical and fast steps to save the time. It includes the hairstyles for the kids which is usually uneasy due to the ‘stubborn’ morning hair. The first day usually offers some outdoor activities, you should take the easy back to school hairstyles for your kids to support their activities. Here you are some inspirations and the steps.

The Best 5 Easy and Cute Back to School Hairstyles and the Steps

  1. Low Updo

The low updo for the kids gives a natural look for them due to its tousled shape. It is good for formal occassion like graduation or musical performance.

These are the steps to do it:

Split the hair into three sections and make them into three ponytails about 0.5 to 1 inch apart. Then, pull the hair halfway through the ponytail to make three looped buns. Take the both sides of the bun to circle the hair tie and secure it with bobby pins. Do the same thing to another ponytail.

  1. Messy Pigtail Buns

This easy back to school hairstyle is functional and pretty. It is good for outdoor activities or for a special twist on the first day back to school.

The steps are:

Make two high ponytails after separate the hair down. Then, pull the hair half-way through and make two looped buns. Pull the hair pieces around the hair tie and hold it with bobby pins. Finally, apply some hair accessories or ribbons to beatify this cute back to school hairstyle.

  1. Double Braid

For the kids who have medium or long hair, this style will fit beautifully. This cool hairstyle just needs your skill in making braid. No worries, it just need two simple steps:

First, make a small braid on one side of head and hold it with an elastic. Then, pull the hair into half up and braid down to the center. Use an elastic to secure it and you may add some charm or another accessories.

  1. Flower Braid

Most girls like this style because it is easy to do by themselves and just needs a few small steps. The first thing to do is pull the hair into a half-up style and hold it with an elastic. After that, split the hair above the elastic and loop the half-pony down through the opening. Create a braid and at the bottom secure with a thin elastic. Finally, roll the braid up into a wheel and use bobby pins to secure. Voila! A flower on your head!

  1. Chignon

Chignon is also an easy back to school hairstyle which looks elegant especially for girly kids. It is a bit complicated but deserves to try especially for the ballerina girls who really want their hair off the face.

This is how to do chignon:

Make some low ponytail and separate the hair above ponytail. Then make a loop through the opening and flip the ponytail through the loop. Hold it still with bobby pins.

Those are some easy and cute back to school hairstyles for kids which are well-approved, adorable, functional and fast. Just need some minutes and your kids ready for back to school!


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